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RezOvation and Webervations are now being supported by eviivo for customers migrating to the eviivo platform only. If you have signed a contract with eviivo and have questions regarding your accounts please contact eviivo at


Eviivo says they are not currently accepting new customers.  What do I do?

  • eviivo is no longer accepting applications for Rezo-Weber migrations.  Invitations to migrate were sent as early as October 2018, and the program is now closed.   It is still possible to sign up to eviivo as a new customer, but it is no longer possible to migrate.  

I’ve signed an eviivo contract.  Do I have access to my RezOvation and Webervations software?

  • eviivo will get you live as soon as you complete the review of your business configuration on the new eviivo platform, go over the checklist they sent you, and make a Go Live appointment for the final switch. You must complete these steps before March 31st.

My account has been disabled and I need to pull some historical reporting.  How can I get access? 

  • Following a 5-month notice period, access to the Rezo/Weber system and data has now been fully disabled.  If you did not download your RezO reports before Feb 15th when instructed, it is now no longer be possible to retrieve the data.

How do I check in my or Expedia reservations in order to receive payment?

  • We are automatically checking in your and Expedia reservations for you! Payments will be sent for all past, current, and future bookings regardless if you transitioned to eviivo or are no longer using RezOvation or Webervations Software. We thank you for your patience as we process and distribute your payment.

Will I be charged for my February GDS arrivals?

  • February 28th is the last day of your GDS connectivity.  Our billing team will be invoicing GDS customers in March for February arrivals. 

I would like a pro-rated refund of my annual RezOvation/Webervations payment:

  • Per your RezOvation and Webervations License Agreement, we do not refund annual payments.

What happens to my Expedia and listing now that I no longer have access to my software?